Sun-EL Musician’s Upcoming Song “UHURU” Gets A Release Date

Sun-El Musician sets release date for upcoming song "UHURU"

Sun-El Musician finally sets a release date for his upcoming song titled “UHURU”.

Do you get as excited as we do anytime Sun-El Musician announces a brand new song or a project even? We literally lose it and wait like predators to pounce on the song the minute it drops. We are so not exaggerating.

The talented music creator is one SA act on his own path. He has been for a really long while now. Last week, he put smiles on a lot of faces when he dropped the Lockdown mix. To say we were really excited for it would be an understatement.

He previously announced that he would be dropping a brand new song titled “UHURU”. Now he has announced a release date for the song. Via an Instagram post, he revealed Friday, 17th April to be the day the song drops. Like we said, we will be waiting to pounce on it once it drops.


Sanibonani! It’s official – on Friday the 17th of April I will be releasing my new single titled #Uhuru
Please save the date #uhuru #azana✊🏾

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