The Moment Tyga & Avril Lavigne Shared A Kiss At The Paris Fashion Week.

Love is a beautiful thing – at least that is what those who have experienced it will tell you. And part of that journey might sometimes be an affirmatory, osculatory display. At least that was what happened recently between Tyga and Avril Lavigne.

The scene was Parish Fashion Week, with many celebs and other notables in attendance. Of course, Tyga was there and so was Avril Lavigne. Many weren’t expecting what eventually played out between the two: They moved in for a kiss, locked lips and the world seemingly ended as cameras clicked away.

When images of that kiss popped online, some tweeps were amused, some supported the couple and encouraged them to live their lives without listening to public opinion, and yet some were incredulous and fired shots at Tyga, stating that he has no type but rolls with whoever and whatever. you can check out the pic below.

One thing is clear, though, Tyga knew what he wanted and he went for it. Avril Lavigne herself was all for it, so she was open to having him in her life. Two adults have made their decision, and the public can only talk. That is the way of choice and the way of life.

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