#CasspervsPriddyUgly: Things Get “Priddy Ugly” In First Round As Cassper Nyovest Knocks Out Opponent

The intensely anticipated fight between Cassper Nyovest and Priddy ugly went as scheduled on October 1st. And as the Family Tree boss had predicted, things went “priddy ugly” in the first round, with Cassper knocking down his opponent in the first round.

It appeared Cass actually listened to DJ Tira, who had advised him in response to one of his posts on Instagram, to maximise his potential in the first round and knock Priddy Ugly out then since he might end up exhausting himself in the first round, as had happened when he faced Naakmusiq.

While Cassper Nyovest’s base is excited about him knocking out Priddy Ugly, entrepreneur Sizwe Dhlomo is unimpressed. He accused Cass of going for easy meat – people who he could beat easily. He particularly pointed out that Cassper had a greater advantage than his opponent.

First is the massive disparity in weight. Then there’s the issue of height as well. Although noticeably short, Cassper was still taller than Priddy Ugly. All this added to the songster’s advantages over his musician compatriot.

Cassper had noted that if he should beat Priddy Ugly, he would face Big Zulu next. So fans may as well look for more details about their possible encounter soon.

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