Video: Residents Listless As Floods Overwhelm Centurion

It has been said the floodwaters are no respecter of anyone, and this has proven true as floods have overwhelmed several areas in Centurion, Gauteng, with the police having to intervene to help some people in immediate need.

In one instance, members of the South African Police Services (SAPS) could be seen helping kids to reach school on the other side of the river.

Given the dangers posed by the floodwater, the city of Tshwane, taking to its Twitter page, warned citizens to stay clear of low-lying bridges.

The current situation has miffed some residents, with some complaining that this isn’t the first time the issue had popped up in the area and that the government should have addressed it the last time it happened and not waited until it repeated itself.

In truth, the flooding isn’t new in the area. There was reported flooding last year (2021), with people receiving the same warning they are currently getting regarding low-lying bridges.

While some tweeps blame the situation on climate change, some wouldn’t buy it but blame the government for incompetence. Either way, the warnings and precautions remain for residents. Dont get into the flood and beware of low-lying bridges. Be safe out there.

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