Watch: Priddy Ugly And Modiselle Family Loose To Goliath Family On Family Feud Africa

The feud continues for Priddy Ugly and wife Bontle Modiselle on the circuit of Family Feud. If you are expecting acerbity and blood and terror and curses, man, you don miss road be that. This “Feud” is just a television show for the public’s entertainment.

And, contrary to its adopted title, the message is not repellent. On the contrary, viewers of the reality show get to learn a thing or two about the cast, their values and their outlooks on life, and of course, some “kitchen” skills too. Well, kinda.

In this episode of the soaraway show, Priddy Ugly and his wife battle the Goliath Family in a clip that fans have described as one of the most engaging to date. By the way, this Goliath family is not of the Bible and they are not literate in the letters of villainy.

It’s all good cheer on this episode. Bant, and a  wave of amity. So if you are desirous of having a good time, you will surely have it watching the clips of the battle between Priddy Ugly and wife and the Goliath family.

The videos are below. Check them all out and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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