Xzibit Goes Down The Memory Lane As He Shares Aftermath Throwback Pictures With Dr. Dre & 50 Cent

Xzibit reflects back to the Aftermath era with dope pictures connecting with 50 Cent and Dr. Dre.

Xzibit remains one of the most trusted and valued collaborators of Dr. Dre, even though he was not technically signed to Aftermath Entertainment.

They collaborated to release hit songs such as ‘Symphony In X Major,’ ‘Bitch Please 2,’ ‘Choke Me Spank Me Pull My Hair,’ ‘X,’ ‘Losin Your Mind,’ ‘Bitch Please,’ ‘Bitch Please 2,’ ‘U Know,’ just to mention a few.

American rapper, Dr. Dre, even became the executive producer of both ‘Man Vs. Machine,’ and ‘Restless.’ The relationship between the two notable artists was so creative and productive that many people assumed that Xzibit was a part of Dr. Dre’s label. This was also because of his involvement in the legendary ‘Up In Smoke Tour.’

The close partnership with Dr. Dre and Xzibit is a rare one that fans still reflect upon. The talented rapper, Xzibit, has taken to his Instagram page to treat his fans with a few throwbacks pictures from the period he worked on several projects with the Aftermath staff.

One of the pictures even showed when Xzibit and 50 Cent linked up. Though they never collaborated, 50 Cent sent a shout-out to Xzibit on his breakout single titled ‘In Da Club.’

Another picture showed a more recent one which was taken during a studio session with Dr. Dre, Battlecat, DJ Pooh, and Xzibit.

We have no idea what the four artists were working on. However, in February, Xzibit had worked on some new music with Dr. Dre. The picture could have been taken while they were engaging in the studio sessions.

The throwback pictures of the notable artists will make you feel nostalgic!

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