Zadok Talks Working With Lil Nas X

Mzansi producer Zadok opens up about working with American rapper and singer Lil Nas X.

Mzansi boasts some of the most talented artists and producers in the world. Thanks to the internet, some of our faves have gone global. In a chat on the Feel Good Live Sessions, Mzansi producer Zadok opened up about working with Lil Nas X for the BET Awards after they found him online.

He said he had only 24 hours to deliver. He said, “So they (Lil Nas) reached out by the internet because they saw my stuff on the internet and then IG one thing leads to another, yo we got this project.”

“I have the experience so I was able to deliver. I barely had 24 hours to send back something before they had rehearsals in LA. The first project was the BET Awards. I worked on that thing through the night, I sent through the final product I sent it 5 pm, 6 pm our time which is like 9 AM there, that was like my cut off time,” 

He explained further, “so they sent me what they’ve worked on and they sent me the specifics of how they wanted the performance to go, he said.

“We had like a conversation before that, so we had like a verbal phone call conversation. Shout to his team Take A Daytrip, Denzel reached out we had a conversation and we just kind of figured out what we wanted it to be musically, then after that, I just worked on it, added my stuff, my sounds, base element hits for the arrangments and then send it back,”

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