Retha RSA Biography, Age, Contact, Phone Number, Parents & Where He is From

Basic Information

Stage Name: Retha RSA
Real Name: Rethabile Mokgatla
Occupation: Singer and dancer
Date Of Birth/Age: 13 April 2011 (9 years)
Place of Birth: Lesotho
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single

Retha RSA Biography

Rethabile Mokgatla, who goes by the stage name of Retha RSA, is the kid from “nowhere” who has been charming South Africa with his dance moves and golden voice. His appearance on the music circuit was pretty dramatic, and he has maintained that drama, keeping fans entertained.

His stage name is a contraction of his legal name, and the RSA part stands for his country of origin (Republic of South Africa).

Born 9 years ago, the kid first attracted attention with his dance moves. He soon wowed the country with his voice as well. He has since release an album entitled “Tom & Jerry,” facetiously referencing his young age.

Although born in Lesotho, he first found fame in his country of birth: South Africa, and has remained there since, in the Soweto area. He has worked with some of the country’s fine voices in the amapiano orbit, including Kamo Mphela and Killer Kau.


Retha’s age is public knowledge, unlike those of some celebrities. He was born 11 April 2011. So that makes him exactly nine (9) years old. Pretty young, but he has achieved so much for his age, to the joy of his parents.

At his age, he has been ranked among kid influencers in South Africa who are currently securing the bag or making serious sums thanks to their massive social media following.

He is ranked among suck kid influencers like Kairo Owethu Forbes (AKA and DJ Zinhle’s daughter), Valdo, a six-year-old singer, Sbahle Mzizi (Ntando Duma and DJ Junior De Rocka’s daughter), and Khumo Panda (daughter of Toll Ass Mo and Mome Mahlangu).

Phone Number

If you have popped on here to get Retha RSA’s private phone number, you might be disappointed at this point. Retha may be famous but his phone number is not something he cares to share with the public.

Sharing phone numbers with members of the public is usually a no-no for celebrities, as most often than most the numbers are abused.

That’s the singular reason most would rather give the phone numbers of their assitants or management and not their personal numbers.

If you’re still desirous of contact Retha RSA, you may want to do so via his email,, which is public. He is active on several social media channels, including Instagram and YouTube, and can be reached via those channels as well.

Parents & Where He is From

Retha RSA is a South Africa, but he wasn’t born in the country. He was born in Lesotho and returned home to Mzansi soon after. He currently lives in Soweto, which is the epicenter of his music and creative energy.

For one who is famous, it is pretty funny that not much has been made public about his parents. Perhaps they have deliberately kept themselves away from the spotlight, leaving their son to enjoy his fame alone.

Either, way, they should be proud of what their son has accomplished as just 9 years. In a Facebook post months back, Retha indicated his father’s name is Ekse. He shared a photo of them together, each holding a shopping bag.

His parents are apparently doing a great job of training him, for although he’s just 9, he has made it clear his primary focus is on his education. His music and every other thing else, follows. He recently shared a picture of him homeschooling.

Are there critical details about Retha RSA that we left out? You might want to share them with us in the comment section below.

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