Siyabonga Ngezana Biography, Age, Net Worth, House, Cars, Salary, Wife, Transfers & Stats

Siyabonga Ngezana Biography, Age, Net Worth, House, Cars, Salary, Wife, Transfers & Stats


Basic Information

Stage Name:Siyabonga Ngezana
Real Name:Siyabonga Ngezana
Occupation:Professional footballer
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Sebokeng, South Africa
Nationality:South African
Marital Status:Unknown

Siyabonga Ngezana Biography

Throughout the world, stories abound of people from disadvantaged backgrounds making it through just by being skilled footballers. Such human-interest stories play out all around the world.

South African footballer Siyabonga Ngezana might be counted as one example of such stories. He wasn’t exactly from wealthy parents, but through football, he has created a path for himself – a path into comfort and a life many can only dream of.

His earliest stint in the game was at Sinawana Gunners. From there, he made a move to Orlando Pirates, one of the top-flight clubs in the league in South Africa. Another local club, Kaizer Chiefs came calling soon after. He was with Amakhosi until his most recent move – to FCSB in Romania.


Siyabonga Ngezana was born in 1997, which means he celebrated his 26th birthday this year – in June, to be precise.

Net Worth

Siyabonga Ngezana might be doing pretty well as a footballer, but his exact net worth is unknown – not surprising given that it is one subject he would rather not dwell on publicly. The focus is on football. Anyway, the public has been doing the talking, with some sources claiming that he has a net worth of about $2 million. We cannot independently verify this, however


The soccer ace is in a position to afford cool cribs in some choice parts of South Africa. However, there isn’t much information about the home he owns in South Africa and what it looks like. Also, not much is known about his Romanian home since he moved to FCSB from Kaizer Chiefs. Either way, he is most likely coo with what he has.


For most celebrities, a car is not just a means of transport, it is also a way to project their taste and affluence to the world. So they go out of their way to acquire some of the choicest cars out there. Of course, some celebs wouldn’t be bothered about that; they buy whatever, without a care in the world what they project through their purchases.

Anyway, Siyabonga Ngezana is not exactly your car freak. But he has a notable love for the BMW. When he was in South Africa, he was often seen rolling through town in a BMW sedan.


Footballers earn pretty high, and with great skill and contribution to play comes the power to negotiate almost anything. Despite earning pretty high, players are rarely in the habit of sharing details about their earnings. Back in his days at Kaizer Chiefs, he was said to earn around R60k monthly. He is said to earn around €13,000 at his current club in Europe.


Siyabonga Ngezana is doing pretty well as a footballer. and it is doubtful he struggles to have the attention of women. However, there is no evidence that he is married at this point in his life. Perhaps he is just focusing on his career at the moment, with a girlfriend that he’s shielding from the public.

Transfers & Stats

It is very, very rare to see a player begin their career at one club and end it at the same club. Players often seek transfers when they have better offers or opportunities – opportunities to earn more, play more and perhaps be closer to friends and family.

Siyabonga Ngezana’s transfer history isn’t particularly crowded at this point in his career. He had played for Sinawana Gunners, before moving to Orlando Pirates, then Kaizer Chiefs and finally the Romanian since FCSB, where he plays the defender position.