Solly Mapaila Biography: Age, Wife, Family, Educational Background, Net Worth & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Solly Mapaila
Real Name: Solly Afrika Mapaila
Occupation: Politician
Date Of Birth/Age: June 19
Place of Birth:
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status:


Solly Afrika Mapaila is a famous South African politician. He is the incumbent General Secretary of the South African Communist Party. On July 15, 2022, Solly was elected unopposed for his current position at the SACP National Congress. Since 2012, he has served as the second Deputy General Secretary of the South African Communist Party.

Solly Mapaila was part of the Umkhonto weSizwe military intelligence. He formed it t fight against the then-South African government. He operated outside the country until his return in 1994.

He served in the military after the South African National Defence Force was established. He was stationed at Thaba Tshwane. However, with all his military expertise, he chose to serve in the South African Communist Party.

He is best known as an opponent of corruption. He has vehemently opposed corruption in the ANC. He forcefully criticized the South African government under the rule of President Jacob Zuma and called for him to step down. Due to his constant opposition to Zuma, the ex-president’s supporters threatened Mapaila with criminal charges and urged him to stop calling the president corrupt.

He also questioned the intelligence report, Operation Checkmate, which Zuma used to fire Pravin Gordhan.


The exact age of Solly Mapaila is unknown to the general public. He was born on June 19, but the exact year of his birth is unknown.

Solly Mapaila


There is no known information about Solly Mapaila’s wife. She has successfully stayed out of the public eye.


Solly Mapaila had successfully kept information about his family away from the public. In May 2017, there were reports that Mapaila’s family was threatened at their home by supporters of the “Hands Off Zuma” movement. The news was confirmed by the South African Communist Party, who released a statement through the national spokesperson Alex Mashilo,

“The [SACP] condemns in the strongest terms possible the rascal, lumpenproletariat, their handlers and funders who organized transport earlier today [Tuesday] to the home of Cde Solly Mapaila… to threaten him in the name of ‘hands off Zuma. This legacy of President Jacob Zuma, the so-called defence for Zuma, is no longer merely anti-intellectual and mediocre,”

Mashilo also revealed that the people were dressed in the name of “MK Foundation,” and we’re accompanied by cameras from ANN7, a Gupta-owned television channel.

About a month before, the SACP claimed that a gunman threatened Mapaila at the Chris Hani commemoration in Ekurhuleni. They referenced a video by News24 to support the claims. The man was among a group of people who booed Mapaila when he entered the stage at Thomas Nkobi cemetery, the place where Hani was buried.

While Mapaila was addressing the crowd, he wielded the item and then put it down. Solly has reportedly been calling for Zuma to step down. Julius Malema also warned SACB to increase Mapaila’s security detail.

Educational Background

Solly Mapaila has not shared any information on his educational background with the public. He has kept every private detail of his life away from the general public.

Net Worth

The exact estimate of Solly Mapaila’s net worth is unknown to the general public. Neither he nor anyone on his team has revealed it to the public. However, his success as a politician in the country proves that he has good money in the bank.

Contact Details

Solly Mapaila has steered clear of social media. He does not have social media accounts. The best way to contact him is through the South African Communist Party.

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