‘Gomora’ Star Connie Chiume To Launch Essence of South Africa Festival In The US

Famous “Gomora” actress Connie Chiume is set to launch the Essence of South Africa Festival at the New Orleans Jazz Museum in Louisana, U.S.

Connie Chiume has been one of many stars putting SA on the map, and we appreciate her for that. The actress who starred in Black Panther has been making incredible strides in entertainment.

According to a new report by Daily Sun, she is set to take SA beyond its territories and into the world. Connie will launch a new festival titled Essence Of South Africa at the New Orleans Jazz Museum in Louisana, United States of America.

The report reveals that the festival aims to empower women in the arts industry by creating lasting connections between South Africa and the world. She also aims to bring diversity and cultural exchange through the festival.

Speaking about it, she said, “Through the Essence of South Africa, we aspire to create a lasting legacy impact project and forge strong connections that transcend borders. This programme aims to transform the industry and the lives of women in the arts and entertainment economies.”

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