Top 20 South African (SA) Music Albums Rocking 2021 So Far

Time flies so fast some people may not take notice. But then, as time flies, one ca also fly along, rocking good music.

It’s March already and several albums have been released in South Africa’s music orbit. Some have not been released yet but they are already in the consciousness of the music-loving public.

In the past few years, in South Africa, several albums have been released. The New Year, 2021, has seen to the release of new works as well. Old and news, some of these albums have been rocking South Africa’s music orbit and might keep rocking it for some time.

In no particular order, we bring you Top 20 South African (SA) music albums rocking 2021 so far. The albums encapsulate several genres, from house to hip hop to amapiano. They share a common thread, though: massive national appeal.

1. Busta 929 – Undisputed

“Undisputed” is a compilation that affirms the creative energies of this South African producer. Although the body of work in no way makes the Busta 929 the No.1 artiste in South Africa, it accentuates his position as a gifted musician and one worthy of a place on a playlist.

2. Black Coffee – Subconsciously

“Subconsciously” is Black Coffee’s 6th studio album – a body of work that ignites a festival of flowers in your soul. Black Coffee had not consciously set out to explore narratives in love and relationships.

But that’s what eventually happened with the album, which boosts of several song writers as well as vocal contributions from top global voices, including Usher and Pharrell.

3. Riaan Benadé – Spontaan

Riaan Benadé’s “Spontaan” is an Afrikaans compilation of undeniable merit. Although it popped on digital platform in August 2020, it is yet a work of massive appeal and one we’re openly fond of. Y’all gotta be rocking it.

4. Emtee – LOGAN (Unreleased)

Are you surprised “Logan” should make the list? Well, you shouldn’t be. Although unreleased this intensely anticipated album is growing in the consciousness of music lovers in South Africa and in Emtee fans generally.

The album is named for one of Emtee’s sons. The album’s buzz, pre-release, is a testament to Emtee’s musical appeal. Log that.

5. Elaine – Elements

“Elements” ignites the elects of a you lady’s can-do spirit. It is Elaine, confident of her gift, taking the world on her own terms. Although released in late 2019, when the songstress was obscure on the music scene, “Elements” charmed many instantly.

Two years later, the project retains its charms. In fact, the project was instrumental to Elaine clinching a recording deal with Columbia Records in 2020.  You gotta check it out

6. Spoegwolf – Groen

“Groen” is an 8-song compilation released by Spoegwolf in February 2021. A month after release, this body of work, which plays for 24 minutes, is as soul-warming as can be. It is rich in imagery – a splendid compilation to ignite your consciousness.

7. Sjava – Umsebenzi – EP

It just dropped – without prior notice – but then it excited the South Africa’s music space so much that it trended at No. 1 on Apple Music South Africa’s albums chart.

Interestingly, the album totes just 4 songs – all of them sans guests. “Umsebenzi” is a surprise release that ended Sjava’s self-imposed break from music. It rocks, this EP

8. Mr JazziQ & Busta 929 – Maba Jabul’abantu

South African music producers Mr JazziQ and Busta 929 affirmed their friendship as well as their collaborative synergy with their “Maba Jabul’abantu.” It buzzed when it dropped. It is still buzzing and might buzz for a long time. Splendid it is.

9. Makhadzi – Kokovha

“Kokovha” was one of the most anticipated albums by Venda artiste Makhadzi. Such was the fever of anticipation that preceded the album that when Makhadzi, tweeting, made a mistake about the year of release of the album, many panicked.

Anyway, she released the album as planned – on 16 October 2020. Mzansi was jubilant. The excitement about the album is yet to die down and for good reason. Makhadzi gave an electric performance for a little over an hour with that body of work.

10. Semi Tee & MDU aka TRP – Tales of the 2 Peers

“Tales of the 2 Peers” is a body of work that brings together two friends (hence “2 Peers” in the title) in South Africa’s amapiano orbit. The body of work was a hit with the amapiano crowd. You should be rocking it, amapiano fan or not.

11. Kelvin Momo – Momo’s Private School

Released July 2020, “Momo’s Private School” is another amapiano winner by one of the notable faces in the genre, the DJ and producer Kelvin Momo.

12. Maverick City Music – Jubilee

“Jubilee” by Maverick City Music is another album that has been rocking South Africa. This compilation of fierce musical energy might throw up jubilant flowers down your soul’s path

13. Felo Le Tee – Paradise

Felo Le Tee’s “Paradise” is a work of agreeable sonic vitality – a musical paradise you wanna duck in when all around you appear drab and boring. The best part? You should love every minute vibing with this body of work.

14. DJ Stokie – My Journey

DJ Stokie makes stock of his career trajectory with “My Journey,” a splendid compilation that has got South Africans nodding for some time. It’s a project to hear if you wanna experience something at once exciting and entertaining

15. De Mthuda & Ntokzin – Ace Of Spades

“Ace Of Spades” by the South African producer De Mthuda and Ntokzin is a champagne to the soul of those who not only value good music but value their time as well. The album will especially appeal to amapiano fans.

16. Prince Kaybee – The 4th Republic

The music producer Prince Kaybee plays with symbolism with his “The 4th Republic.” It is his 4th studio album and one of his most engaging projects to date. The songster had to defer the release date of the album in order not to be too close to that of rival DJ Black Coffee. But then, when Prince Kaybee eventually released the project, he had the attention of the public.

“The 4th Republic” is a scorching compilation and one to possess if you fancy creativity

17. Kelly Khumalo – The Voice Of Africa

“The Voice Of Africa” is a work of personal affirmation and one of Kelly Khumalo’s finest works to date, although avenues of promotion for the project have not been entirely palatable. You gotta be rocking it, still

18. A-Reece – Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory: the mixtape (Unreleased)

Unreleased at the time of writing this, yet A-Reece’s “Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory: The Mixtape” is already rocking South Africa’s music space. Fans can’t wait to have the project and have been pestering The Boy Doing Things on Twitter to share the musical feast.

19. Sun-El Musician – To the World & Beyond

South African producer Sun-El Musician’s “To the World & Beyond” brings the listener into the orbit of the musician’s evolution. From an obscure artiste he has emerged as one of the notable voices, taking South Africa music to the ends of the earth

20. Kwiish SA – Umshiso

Kwiish SA’s “Umshiso” is a boredom-quashing compilation that has been buzzing across playlists in South Africa since it was released. The project delivers what it promises: a good time.

Well, what do you think of the albums on our list? Would your list have been similar? Or perhaps it would have been completely different? You’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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