Esther Mahlangu Biography, Age, Net Worth, House, Art Designs, History, BMW Artwork, Children & Husband

Basic Information

Stage Name: Esther Mahlangu
Real Name: Esther Mahlangu
Occupation: Artist
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Middelburg, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Widowed

Esther Mahlangu Biography

She lies and breathes artistic drawings and has become famous through that skill. That is the destiny of South Africa’s Esther Mahlangu. The first of 10 children, Esther was introduced to the concept of Ndebele artistic drawings by her mother and grandmother.

At the age of 10, her creative sensibilities were already on fire, and she was soaking up knowledge of the artistic expressions of her people from those closest to her at the time – her mother and grandmother.

She turned out to be a very good student and soon emerged as the most important voice in the field from South Africa – a position she holds to this day.


Esther Mahlangu is easily one of the oldest living South Africans and also one of the oldest artists out there. She was born in November 1935, which means she is currently 87 years old but will be 88 in a couple of months.

Net Worth

How much is Esther Mahlangu worth? The question is of great interest to the public but the artist is mostly indifferent to it. Her exact net worth is unknown.


Esther Mahlangu doesn’t just design and deeply references her Ndebele culture; she lives her designs as well. You heard that right. Her home is a museum of creative fire, illuminating her verdant mind and effusive devotion to her Ndebele culture. Much of the designs that have been show around have also been brought to life on the walls of her home.

Art Designs

Since she started her design journey decades ago, Esther Mahlangu has released several impressive creative offerings that have attracted attention both locally and internationally. Her art designs are bold and contemporary, sometimes abstract. One thing they have in common is their reference to the Ndebele culture.


It has often been said that how people are trained or brought up determines a lot about how to turn up in the future. There are no truer words in the case of Esther Mahlangu. As early as the age of 10, she was already immersed in artistic design.

Her mother and grandmother were her muses and guides as she navigated the world of artistic design and expression of Ndele culture through the same.

In the intervening years, she had morphed into an important voice in the field and been recognised internationally.

BMW Artwork

Since her creative adventures began as a kid, Sarah Mahlangu has done many designs that stood her out, However, her BMW design has the most significance for many South Africans and probably for the celebrated artist herself.

For one, it exemplified the fact that her fame is no local local and her abilities and appeal transcend her locality. The world had been paying attention. BMW is one of the top car brands in the world, and working with the brand means a lot. To this day


In African culture, which Mahlangu exemplifies, children are often considered blessings. And indeed the artists had her blessings, too. At one point, she had three kids. So far, though, she has lost two of them, leaving just a surviving son. Mother and son are said to share a deep bond.


It is the dream of most maidens to be married and to have their husbands with them into old age. In that area, the celebrated Ndebele artist had many of her dreams fulfilled. She was once married but she lost her husband along the line. In widowhood, she had channelled her energies into her painting and in educating younger ladies on her art and technique so they could do the same.

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