Kagiso Rabada Biography, Age, Net Worth, House, Cars, Wife, Children, Parents, Height & Bowling Speed

Kagiso Rabada Biography, Age, Net Worth, House, Cars, Wife, Children, Parents, Height & Bowling Speed


Basic Information

Stage Name:Kagiso Rabada
Real Name:Kagiso Rabada
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth:Johannesburg, South Africa
Nationality:South African
Marital Status:Single
Education:St Stithians College

Kagiso Rabada Biography

Kagiso Rabada is a South Africa-born cricketer who currently plays for the country’s national team. He was born to a father who has a keen interest in sports, so it is not surprising he should look in that direction for a career.

He made his debut in 2013 and impressed many with that outing. He had been on a winning run ever since, playing at Test and One Day international level for his home country. Such has been his impact on the pitch that he is today considered not just one of the best bowlers in South Africa but in the world as a whole.


Kagiso Rabada was born in May 1995, which means he is currently 28 years old. He celebrated his birthday months ago.

Net Worth

Kagiso Rabada is doing pretty well in the world of cricket but you will never catch him dead boasting about his net worth. That’s one subject he would rather ignore, but sources claim he has a net worth of R15 million.


Johannesburg is South Africa’s largest city and also the place Kagiso Rabada calls home. Details about the home are not available, however. Some sources also claim that he has a home in Pretoria, but we cannot independently verify that


Accomplished people, whether in sports or business, are known for their love of posh cars. Kagiso Rabda is no different. The cricketer possesses some desirable wheels, including a Nissan 370 Z and a BMW X7. It is unclear if he has other cars besides the two mentioned.


Is Kagiso Rabada married? That is one question people have been throwing about, especially because he appears to be keeping most of his familial life private. Of course, having a wife is not exactly a bad idea, but we have no evidence to point to him having a wife at this point.

Anyway, he is not against marriage and will most likely pick a wife in the future – when he is ready for that phase. Until then, it is cricket and more cricket for Kagiso Rabada.


For many people, the dream is to have several children. One can’t tell if that is also the dream for Kagiso Rabada. At this point in his life, there is no evidence that he has children yet. But then, he has not ruled out having children in the future. For now, he appears focused on his career as a cricketer.


It is often said that parents play a vital role in the lives of their children. This truth is unmistakable in the life of Kagiso Rabada. While his mother’s name is known as Florence Rabada, not much is known about her beyond that. This contrasts markedly with his father, Mpho Rabada, a sports-loving medical doctor.

Mpho Rabada is an accomplished medical doctor with notable interest not only in sports but in music as well. He attended Wits University and also obtained an MBA from a university in the United Kingdom.


Does height actually matter in cricket? We are not here to argue that, But then, Kagiso Rabada is not exactly on the short side, standing at 1.91 metres.

Bowling Speed

Bowling speed is one of the key stats in cricket, and it might be said that the South African cricketer isn’t doing badly here. In fact, multiple authorities point to him as being one of the most memorable talents to emerge grom South Africa, bowling in the 140-150kph range.