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I'm an Ole timer but I listen to all music. I always wanted to lean to play guitar and now I love it so much I cannot stop learning. They say if you are lucky life is a long road, but I'm so old now that I think I just passed a stop ahead sign. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys our tunes here on Ubetoo.


CityBabson Pk. Florida
CountryUnited States
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I have been playing lead guitar 8 months so far and still a bit rusty at it but I love it.



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9:22 AM Dec 24th 2010
From: dubidumbsik

Look at my new album and video "Echotrip"
7:45 AM Dec 29th 2009
From: B.B.A.

BBA (Building a Better America) Free for all people. Helping spread enlightenment that's been suppressed for ages. This is intellgent hip hop, not that main stream fake golden crispy bull shit! There is a war for your mind and soul. Join the rebellion against the New World Order. The same ones who make you rich will make you poor, dont sell your soul!!!
11:41 PM Dec 23rd 2009
From: Love Aurell

Hi there! Hope you're having a great christmas holiday!
Arvid & Love have a christmas gift for you, it's called "THE SWAMPS OF DOOM" and it might be the fastest, loudest and maddest track you've heard, EVER. Or at least this year.

Merry christmas! /
Arvid & Love
9:35 PM Dec 23rd 2009
From: Tompaz

tx amigo for comment on we´re riding on-merry timez ahead!
4:48 PM Dec 23rd 2009
From: Stone Carpet

Thank you for your comment on our track "A Brave New World".

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