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Hi Guys

I´m a one man band project after many years away

from the frequencies making world:)got back in 2008

,am a merry amateur on a learning path.

Welcome check out the mix of homeweaved waves

hope yer like some of them.....

"sisters&brotherers keep painting Your magic brushstrokes in Art

in all forms 4 to keep our Mother Gaia in a sweet balance."

------other sites-to check out my waves---------

store&another musichome:

colab with brother TomPD

3rd store /Musicspot-BroadJam;

Tompaz official page:



Welcome load/llisten an Aid song-to orphans who struggle

with various diseases in Cambodia & to the guys working there,

Video vs at Youtube-made by chief of staff there:


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2 new releases out

"Into the Mystic Dew" &

1st Swede album

Noter från en Riddares Dagbok

(Notes from a Knight´s Diary)

welcome check them out at:

"Into the Mystic Dew" >>


"Noter från en Riddares Dagbok:Notes from a Knights Diary">>

Peace All





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7:15 PM Aug 8th 2013
From: DeepSoul

Greets and well wishes from the west to further east ..

Thanks again for the True Karma past present and future we all have through God's (Love's) beautiful Northern Hemisphere of His footstool we call earth sometimes ..

Deep Soul cover version of Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On" available on CD !!

featuring the rocking Michelle Lyons' unbelievable Jazz inspired vocals as many of our other grooving covers & originals do as well ~ available on iTunes through our ~ ~ page ..

keep on grooving in the Free World !!

Kapaya pa an ..
3:45 PM Aug 2nd 2013
From: Kalle Karlsson

Syns där
5:04 PM Aug 1st 2013
From: Kalle Karlsson

Vet du vad som har hänt med denna sidan?. Alla låtar och allt är borta ju. Skumt?. Hoppas du har det bra och att det går bra med musiken
11:17 PM Jul 25th 2013
From: Lemonia

Hej vännen! Vad har hänt här med Ubetoo,allt borta,man blir ju lite snopen,hade inte en aning,men jag vill önska dej en fortsatt skön sommar....kram Lemonia.
2:55 AM Jul 12th 2013
From: Firebird

Free Internet? Yeah, right.

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