Andile Mpisane Biography: Age, Ex-Girlfriend, Wife, Net Worth, Cars, House, Parents, Music Career & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name:

Real Name: Andile Mpisane

Occupation: South African Actor, Singer AND Footballer

Date Of Birth/Age: 15 March 2001 (22 Years Old)

Place of Birth: Durban, South Africa

Gender: Male

Nationality: South African

Marital Status: Single

Education: –

Andile Mpisane Biography

Andile Mpisane is a South African actor, singer and footballer. His interest in football dates back to when he was little. His mother had noticed his interest in and chosen to develop it, buying him a football club and ensuring he was part of its players.

Born in Durban in 2001, Andile’s parents are businesspeople who have since divorced. He has a closer relationship with his mother, with whom he’s often rocking matching outfits.

Andile loves the good life and has qualms showing off his love for it, something his mother supports.


Andile falls into the group South Africans call Ama 2000s – people born around the 2000s. He’s currently 20 years, having been born in March 2001.


There hasn’t been a shortage of women angling to be Andile Mpisane’s girlfriend. The dude is young, attractive, and from a wealthy family – qualities most ladies rate very high in a man.

Previously, he was rumoured to be dating amapiano ace Kamo Mphela, and the narrative back then was that his mother, the businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize, supported his relationship with Kamo. However, from the look of things, Kamo Mphela is not the current girlfriend.

Sithelo Shozi

Sithelo was publicly known as the former girlfriend of Royal AM head Andile Mpisane, and they have two children together. The two, however, went their separate ways after some years. On Tuesday, 5th July, she took to her to speak about the alleged abuse she survived at the hands of Andile. Before their separation, she flaunted a wedding band in one of her posts, indicating she’s now married to Andile.

Tamia Mpisane

With Andile not wearing a wedding band and not confirming any marriage to Sithelo Shozi, he probably did not get married to her. In late 2021 Tami and Andile affirmed their marriage on Instagram, and Andile’s mother Shauwn Mamkihze said it was “emotional” to see her son find joy. They both have a child together.

Net Worth

Andile Mpisane is one of the wealthiest young men out there. But, of course, he didn’t have to work for the money because he was born into serious cash from which he has been helping himself. While his exact net worth isn’t known, it is said to be in the millions.


Andile Mpisane loves cars and has never hidden that love. He probably takes his passion for exotic whips from his mother, one of the wealthiest businesswomen in South Africa. Because his family is wealthy and he can drive any car from the family garage, it is difficult to tell what actually belongs to him.

Among others, Andile Mpisane has been hitting the town with cars like a Rolls Royce, a Bentley and a Mercedes Benz G Wagon. He’s even thinking of adding a 2022 Pullman to his fleet – based on what he recently posted to Instagram.


With several properties scattered across South Africa, Andile Mpisane has only to decide which of his family’s properties he should live in. When writing this post, Andile Mpisane lived in his family’s house called the LA Lucia Mansion in the heart of Durban. The edifice is genuinely breathtaking.


Andile Mpisanes father is a retired police officer called Sbu Mpisane. Before he retired from the service, he was known as a flamboyant officer who would drive one of his then-wife Shauwn Mkhize’s exotic cars to work.

Andile has nothing but contempt for his father, whom he once accused of cheating on Shauwn and ruining the businesses given to him to run.


Shauwn Mkhize is the name of Andile. Mpisane’s mother. A businesswoman, she had made a fortune from construction and other businesses. She also acquired a football club when she noticed her son’s interest in the game. She’s currently focused on the family’s reality show, Kwa Mam’Mkhize.


He might not be the most educated, but Andile Mpisane has things going well for himself. He went to one of the exclusive secondary schools in Mzansi and then had a short training in acting.

Music Career

Andile Mpisane might have come from a wealthy family, but the young bod is also hustling hard on his own and striving to dominate the music scene in South Africa.

The songster has released a few songs, most recently “It’s too much Sauce,” a song that will undoubtedly please lovers of the good life out there.

That number featured Reece Madlisa, Lady Du and Zuma, illuminates the life Andile is living as a 20-year-old — a life many would give anything to have. Who doesn’t want life’s comforts? He’s currently working on a new EP, which fans should expect “soon,” according to him.

Contact Details

Where wealth has pushed many into total anonymity, Andile Mpisane is still out there and reachable. He’s active on and is just a mention or a direct message away on that platform.

For professional purposes, though, he might be reached via the email: The phone number is 0636461951

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