Samkelo Samu/Samurai Ndlovu Biography: Age, Net Worth, TV/Movie Career, Rhythm City, Generations

Basic Information

Stage Name: Samurai Ndlovu
Real Name: Samkelo Ndlovu
Occupation: Actress, Television Personality
Date Of Birth/Age: 1989
Place of Birth: Alexandria, Johannesburg, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: AFDA

Samkelo Samu/Samurai Ndlovu Biography

Samkelo Ndlovu, also known as Samu or Samurai Ndlovu, is a South African actress and media personality famous for several flicks including “Generations.”

Born in Alexandria, Johannesburg, South Africa, the mother of one had an aptitude for acting and the conscious decision to go into the world of make believe, something she regrets not at all. 


Samkelo Ndlovu was born in 1989. The exact day and month of her birth are not out there and the actress is in no hurry to volunteer those little details. 

Net Worth

Net Worth does not an actress make. Anyway, Samkelo Ndlovu is doing pretty well as an actress. Her exact net worth is still a subject of speculations. It hasn’t helped that she’s uninterested in that subject. 

At any rate, top industry figures describe her as one of the industry millionaires. That’s not bad for a dedicated artiste. 

TV/ Movie Career

If you’re curious about Samkelo Ndlovu’s television and movie career, you are not alone. Fans have often wondered how she began and how she’s managed to make a success of her chosen field. 

Well, Samkelo has always had an interest in TV and acting, so it is not surprising she should take the plunge at some point. She’d featured in several flicks, including “intersexions,” “Zone 14,” and “iNkaba.” Other clicks she had featured on are included below. 

Rhythm City

In “Rhythm City,” which she joined as a cast member in 2013, Samkelo Ndlovu played the role of Lerato, a flirtatious and vain character, cousin to Fats, another local nut. 


“Generations” is one of the popular TV series to come out of South Africa, with a massive and devoted following. Interestingly, Samkelo Ndlovu is famous for her role in the flick as well. 

In “Generations,” she had played the role of DJ Lulu. If you think she was unsuited for the role, then you have to think again. 

Samkelo Ndlovu is also a musician. When she made a leap into the music scene with the stage name Samu and with a debut compilation to boot, fans had wondered out loud if she was quitting acting for music. 

She had allayed the fears of her fans back then, insisting she would still be in South Africa’s acting orbit. 

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