Yanga Sobetwa Biography, Songs, Albums, Awards, Education, Net Worth, Age & Relationships


Stage Name: Yanga
Real Name Yanga Sobetwa
Occupation Singer and Songwriter
Date of Birth 2001
Place of Birth Delft, South Africa
Gender Female
Nationality South African
Relationship status Single
Education  High School

Yanga Sobetwa Biography

Born 2001, Yanga Sobetwa popularly known by her stage name Yanga or Yanga Sobetwa, is a prolific and soul singer in South Africa. Yanga became prominent after she won the 14th season of the South African Idols reality show in 2018.

Yanga Sobetwa has since then gone on to release various soul lifting singles and recently debuted with her studio project. Yanga is known for her awesome vocal prowess, which made her garner the enormous vote she did during the reality show.

Family and Beginning

Yanga is originally from Deft, a township in the outskirts of Cape Town. She was born into a Christian family and became a born again Christian at a very young age.

Yanga has always mentioned her parent as her inspiration for deciding to go into music and she appreciated them by buying a new house for them, once she received her 1 million rand cash prize from the South African Idol organizers.

Music for Yanga Sobetwa started at a very young age, when she started using her gift in the church and at religious gatherings.


Yanga Sobetwa recently concluded her high school education but is still working on her matric, as she is caught up in between her school work and music. Her high school found a way for her to work round both and she might as well be getting it done with soon.

Musical Milestone

Yanga Sobetwa to fame after she competed in the 14th edition of the South African Idol held in 2018. She became one of the most followed contestant on the show after she delivered her song “Scars (All Over Me)”.

Yanga Sobetwa has since winning the show gone on to work on her personal projects which as yielded her dropping her debut album in 2019. She performs under the and soul genre and is highly respected for her vocal prowess.

Yanga Sobetwa has performed on stage with other top artists and has gone on PR tours to promote her brand. She has gone on to make statements with her song releases.

Yanga Sobetwa’s Albums

Yanga Sobetwa has released one studio album since her debut.

  • Promised Land (2019)

This is her debut studio album which was released officially on the 10th of May 2019, which has 10 awesome tracks in it.

Yanga Sobetwa‘s Songs

Yanga Sobetwa since her debut has released more than 10 songs and a studio album. Here are her songs in no particular order.

  1.  Yanga Sobetwa- Promised Land
  2.  Yanga Sobetwa- Scars
  3. Yanga Sobetwa- Little Girl
  4. Yanga Sobetwa- Catch Me
  5. Yanga Sobetwa- Unconditional Love
  6. Yanga Sobetwa- Thank You
  7. Yanga Sobetwa- House of Cards
  8. Yanga Sobetwa- Never Afraid 
  9. Yanga Sobetwa- Izongithatha
  10. Yanga Sobetwa- Artificial Heart

Yanga Sobetswa’s Performance and Presence

Yanga Sobetwa has performed at festivals and shows in South Africa. The singer has also had appearances on TV and Radio stations in South Africa. She has also gone on PR tours to promote her brand and studio project.

Yanga Sobetwa‘s Relationships

Yanga Sobetwa is not in any relationship of public knowledge as at the time of this writing.

Awards and Nominations

The information is not available as at the time of the writing.

Yanga Sobetwa‘s Net Worth

Yanga Sobetwa’s Net worth as not been fully calculated as at the time of this writing, but the singer is making a lot of money from attending shows and festivals, song streams and video views. So far, Yanga is doing well for herself financially, as she started up into the music scene being a billionaire, after winning 1 million rands from the South African Idol show.

Yanga Sobetwa‘s Songs Download, Stream, Buy and Watch

Yanga Sobetwa’s songs from her studio projects and featured songs are available on all major platforms.

Yanga Sobetwa is one of the fast rising artistes in South Africa, who upon her debut has been able to make a lasting impression, her songs and collaborations have done well on all streaming sight and her album is one of the best albums in South Africa. Yanga has carved a niche for herself in the industry.

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